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Hero Blend

Hero Blend

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  • HIGH CAFFEINE COFFEE that's delicious. At Heavy Dose, we've carefully created what we think is an amazing flavor profile by balancing hints of dark chocolate and caramel with a clean bright nuttiness. The final result is a smooth, full-bodied brew that escapes the bitterness associated most higher caffeine coffee.
  • FULL ONE POUND BAG of organic fair-trade extra strength coffee-this is a full 16 ounce bag, not the 12 ounce bags many brands are selling these days.
  • We roast in very small batches at our own facility in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley, so each bag arrives fresh, full of smooth flavor and bursting with caffeine. We use a our own unique blend of carefully sourced organic and fair-trade Arabica and Robusta beans. The Arabica brings the smooth flavor and the Robusta brings the kick.

*roasted to order with only fair-trade organic beans.